National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation

  • Director
    • General Affairs Division
    • Research Planning & Management Division
    • Vaccines Division
    • Blood Products Division
    • Food Safety
      Evaluation Department
      • Food Safety Risk Assessment Division
      • Pesticide and Verterinary Drug Residues Division
      • Food Contaminants Division
      • Food Microbiology Division
      • Food Additives and Packages Division
      • Nutrition and Functional Food Research Team
      • New Hazardous Substances Team
      • Novel Food Division
    • Drug Evaluation
      • Drug Review Management Division
      • Pharmaceutical Standardization Division
      • Cardiovascular and Neurology Products Division
      • Oncology and Antimicrobial Products Division
      • Gastroenterology and Metabolism Products Division
      • Bioequivalence Evaluation Division
    • Biopharmaceuticals
      and Herbal Medicine
      Evaluation Department
      • Biologics Division
      • Recombinant Protein Products Division
      • Cell and Gene Therapy Products Division
      • Herbal Medicines Products Division
      • Cosmetics Evaluation Division
    • Medical Device
      Evaluation Department
      • High-tech Medical Devices Division
      • Cardiovascular Devices Division
      • Orthopedic and Restorative Devices Division
      • Dental and Gastroenterology Devices Division
      • In-vitro Diagnostic Device Division
    • Pharmaceutical and
      Medical Device
      Research Department
      • Drug Research Division
      • Biologics Research Division
      • Advanced Therapy Products Research Division
      • Herbal Medicine Research Division
      • Cosmetics Research Team
      • Medical Device Research Division
    • Toxicological Evaluation
      and Research
      • Toxicological Research Division
      • Toxicological Screening and Testing Division
      • Pharmacological Research Division
      • Clinical Research Division
      • Advanced Analysis Team
      • Laboratory Animal Resources Division