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Personalized Health Functional Foods
  • Registration Date 2020-07-02
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Only the substance I need!
Personalized Health Functional Foods

A woman in her 50s felt uneasy about her blood pressure and cholesterol level after getting a medical check-up, and began to take care of her health. The place she visited is... A store that sells personalized health functional foods!
"Is this the right place?"
"Welcome. You are at the personalized health functional food store!"

In the personalized health functional food store, a professional counselor examines your medical check-up results, lifestyle and eating habits and the recommends health functional foods that are good for you to take.
"Please customize my health supplements by adding only the substances that help lower blood pressure and cholesterol level."
"I recommend you "Coenzyme Q10" for reducing blood pressure and "Oat fiber" for lowering the cholesterol level in your blood."

Thanks to the individual packaging, they're easy to carry. Since there's no need to buy more than what you need, there's no worry about over-consumption.
"The health functional food products are subdivided and provided in an individual package."

The number of stores under the regulatory sandbox of recommendation and sales of personalized health functional food are 152 run by 7 companies
*Pulmuone Health & Living Co. Ltd., Amorepacific, Amway Korea, Herbalife, Bigsome, COSMAX NBT, Mono labs
"In the era of the aging society, health functional foods will be reborn as personalized products to meet consumer trends."

Please refer to the Press Release on April 27, 2020 for more information.
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