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[Press Release, Oct. 8] The Strengthened Safety Management After the Introduction of HACCP for Livestock Products
  • Registration Date 2020-10-23
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[Press Release, Oct. 8 / Unofficial translation] The Strengthened Safety Management After the Introduction of HACCP for Livestock Products - Facilitating HACCP for Livestock Products by Expanding Incentives on Excellent Business establishments appointed as HACCP - □ The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS, Minister Lee Eui-Kyung) stated that HACCP for livestock products* will be fully implemented on October 8, 2020, which is a system objectively operated by HACCP accreditation agency to objectively assess livestock products as done for food products. * (Subject) Processed milk business, Processed egg business, Processed meat business (Profit of more than 2 billion won as of 2016), Edible egg selective packaging business ○ Up until now, a business operator has set/operated its own HACCP standard on livestock products. Now, the livestock products will be assessed and certified from the Korea Agency of HACCP Accreditation and Services (KAHAS). ○ Moreover, the business obliged to receive HACCP accreditation will be subject to administrative penalties if it does not comply with HACCP or does not keep the temporary suspending the shipping/sales of livestock products hazardous to consumers, based on the revision of LIVESTOCK PRODUCTS SANITARY CONTROL ACT. * Non-compliance of HACCP : (1st Non-compliance) Business Suspension for 7 days → (2nd) 15 days → (3rd) 1 month * Violation of the temporary suspension order on shipping/sales : (1st) Business Suspension for 1 month → (2nd) 2 months → (3rd) 3 months □ Meanwhile, the provision of incentives will be expanded for excellent business establishments appointed as HACCP to enhance livestock products’ compliance of HACCP. ○ The operator who received more than 95% of the total HACCP compliance test score will be ▲exempted of HACCP inspection/assessment and ▲self-inspection of livestock product’s quality for 1 year respectively, and ▲the entrance/test of the business will be carried out every 2 years. □ The MFDS stated, “the consumer confidence on livestock product’s safety management is expected to increase as HACCP for livestock products is operated after an objective assessment from professional agency, not based on the business’s own standard.” It further added, “the MFDS will put an utmost effort into providing clean and safe foods to the public by expanding the application of HACCP for livestock products.”
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