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[Press Release, July 29, 2020] Distribution of English version of HACCP standard to support food export
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[Press Release, July 29, 2020 / unofficial translation]

Distribution of English version of HACCP standard to support food export
- Providing Korean translated version of Preventive Control Program, for companies exporting to Canada -

□ The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS, Minister Lee, Eui Kyung) announced that it will produce and distribute the English version of “Food and Livestock Safety Management Certification Standards” (hereinafter referred to as HACCP) to support food exporters.

○ The English version of the HACCP standard is prepared to support exporting business. It can be utilized to prepare food safety management measures or import requirements requested by the importing county when exporting food products.
* HACCP is a system that CODEX(Codex Alimentarius, An International Food Standards Commission) recommends to introduce and apply to ensure the safety of food and to facilitate trade between countries. Countries such as United States, Canada, EU, and Korea have introduced HACCP for food safety management.

○ It contains safety management methods required by importing countries, such as application and operation management system of HACCP, education and training to HACCP-applied business operator, and prerequisites*, etc.
* Worksite management, Hygiene Management, Manufacturing/Processing facility/equipment management, Water management, Storage/Transportation management, inspection, and recovery management.

□ Meanwhile, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) says that it provides “Food safety preventive control plan checklist” in Korean-version for the industry that exports food to Canada.

○ Canada’s newly implemented Safe Food for Canadian Act, which came into force in January last year, will be expanded to all food products from July this year.
*14 regulations, including those for dairy products, egg products, and processed food were incorporated and applied to food produced, manufactured/processed, imported/exported, transported/stored, or cooked/sold in Canada. (Enforcement : 2019.1.5., Expanded to all foods : 2020.7.15.)

- Companies exporting food to Canada are required to submit Preventive Control Programs, such as HACCP, to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency under the revised law.

□ The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety expects that the HACCP standards and regulations will help food exporters. It will continue to work to increase international confidence in food safety and support domestic companies to enter global markets.

○ In addition, this translation will be released on the website of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in English as a reference to the regulatory agencies of the exporting countries.
* Refer to English Webpage of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety : (> Food> Regulations
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