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[Germany] LAVES, Vegans and vegetarian Bratwursts ? What plugged in the Alternatives?(2023-10-04)
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Vegans and vegetarian Bratwursts What plugged in the Alternatives?


Always more People want itself vegetarian or vegan feed. The Number the People in Germany, the itself himself as vegetarian classify, lay in the Year 2023 loud the Allensbacher Market- and Advertising media analysis at 8.12 millions. With it were it around 220,000 persons more as still before one Year. [1]

Also the Veganism has itself from one trend to one firm component ours Company developed. The Number the People in Germany, the itself himself as vegan classify, lay in the Year 2023 loud the Allensbacher Market- and Advertising media analysis at 1.52 Millions. [2]

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Next to health motives play before everything ethical and ecological points of view at the Avoiding meat one Role.

With dem trend for the Avoiding meat increases also the interest at Meat substitute products. Appropriate to Grilling season gives it in the meantime one size Selection at replacement products, How for example vegan and vegetarian Fried sausage.

Examination results of LAVES

The Groceries- and Veterinary Institute Braunschweig/Hanover of LAVES examined in the Year 2023 24 rehearse vegan and more vegetarian Bratwursts on the To be available animalistic components. Of that were 19 rehearse vegan and five rehearse vegetarian. In addition became the sensory similarity to the of the same name animal products checked. About it out became the Nutritional composition (Fat, protein and Salt) as well as the Labelling controlled.

The vegans Substitute products based primarily on Soy-, Peas- or Wheat protein. The vegetarian products this Investigation based all on Chicken egg protein. For the Part came at the vegetarian products next to Chicken egg protein still more proteins out of Soy, Wheat or Peas for the Mission.

In the vegans and vegetarian replacement products are significant more Ingredients contain, as in usual Hot dog. In particular Additives How thickener, dyes, Stabilizers and acidity regulators are in the replacement products to find.

Fortunately were the most products without eye-catching Findings.

At none the rehearse became components the Animal species Chicken, Turkey, beef, sheep or Pig proven, the otherwise in fried sausage use find. At the vegans products became also no animal components How egg or milk proven. Also in the view on the sensory similarity to the of the same name animal products gave it no Deviations.

Nutritional composition

At two rehearse were the Protein content lower and the Fat content higher as declared. At one further sample were as well as the Protein- as also the Fat content higher, as in the declaration specified. One sample pointed a Salinity on, the lower as declared was. The Declarations in the Nutritional table became as misleading assessed.


After the Regulations the Guiding principles the Germans Food Book Commission from 2018 (PDF not barrier-free) he follows one specification How "vegan" or "vegetarian" usually in the Main field of view the Packaging. The ingredient or Ingredients, which the animal component substitute, should at one good visible Job on the Packaging called become. Examples therefor are approximately Soy- or Wheat protein and at vegetarian foods also Milk- or chicken egg white.

At three rehearse gave it Labeling deficiencies. Twice became not on the essential replacing ingredient pointed out, rather only on the Groceries, out of dem this ingredient won becomes.

For example became as Ingredient, which the animal component replaced, "Peas" called. Loud List of ingredients was however exclusively “Pea protein” contain. Peas and Pea protein point different Compositions on. At Pea protein acts it itself around a Part the Pea. Consequently acts it itself at Peas and Pea protein around different Ingredients.

Declarations How "on Base from Peas" suggest the consumers and consumers, that in dem product Peas contain are. There however Pea protein contain is, enough the specification "on Base from Peas", around wrong imaginations above the composition of product to wake up.


In total was the Number the Deviations pleasing small amount. Based the examined rehearse becomes the risk one contamination with animal components at prepackaged, vegans and vegetarian Bratwursts as small amount assessed.

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