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Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 국민 안심이 기준입니다 YOUR SAFETY IS OUR STANDARD

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Asian Countries Invited for 2018 MFDS Food Safety Seminar
  • Registration Date 2018-05-23
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This year’s “Seminar on Safety Governance of Agricultural-Livestock and Fishery Products for Asian Countries”organized by the MFDS kicks off May 28, 2018.

The annual event will give opportunities to participants to exchange information on food safety and develop cooperative relationships.

32 government officials from 12 countries of Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and Ukraine will come to the Seminar. The participants will be divided into three groups for effective results: one for agricultural produce; another for livestock products; and the other for fishery products.

On May 28, the first day, participants will learn about Korea’s food safety management system and visit laboratories of the National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation. On the second day, three groups of the participants will take three different lectures and visit an aquafarm, a GAP certified farm, a slaughterhouse and a logistics center of a supermarket chain according to their job responsibilities. May 30 programs include the field trip to a wholesale market and a HACCP accredited plant. The fourth day has two concurrent sessions. One is about the Asian countries’food safety management system. And the other is about the countries’ Halal food accreditation systems.

・ 28 May : Opening ceremony, Korean Food Safety Management System Seminar

・ 29 May : Seminar by Sector(Agricultural-Livestock and Fishery Products), Field trip

・ 30 May : Field trip

・ 31 May : Seminar on hygiene management system of participant countries, Closing ceremony

・ 1 June : Korean culture day

All of the programs will end with the closing ceremony on May 31. Participants, on June 1, will take a sightseeing tour at Seoul’s best attractions and famous landmarks to learn about Korean culture.

The annual seminar has been held for the past ten years contributing to modernization of food safety governance in Asian countries.

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