Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 국민 안심이 기준입니다 YOUR SAFETY IS OUR STANDARD

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 국민 안심이 기준입니다 YOUR SAFETY IS OUR STANDARD

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Guidelines on Food Safety
  • Registration Date 2012-06-29
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Guidelines on Food safety(Focused on smart shopping)

■ Safe Grocery Shopping (60 minutes)

Smart shopping for food safety

Have you ever put the groceries you have purchased in your shopping cart or the trunk of your car for a while, and come home after making a few more stops along the way? If you want to preserve the quality of your groceries, it is important to do your shopping in the correct order, and finish your shopping within the recommended time.

- Shop for commodities first, then shop for groceries later.

- Bacteria rapidly increase once groceries have been at room temperature for 60 minutes.

For this reason, you should finish your grocery shopping within one hour.

- Shop by buying non-perishable goods, then fruits and vegetables, then processed foods

to be kept in the refrigerator, meat and seafood. When arriving home, put the items away

in the opposite order.

- Return home immediately after you finish shopping, and put the items in your refrigerator.

- Eat fast foods like sandwiches, kimbap and ddeokbboki immediately after buying.

How to Choose Safe Foods

When buying perishable goods like meat, seafood and vegetables, choose the freshest foods

and check the shelf life. Check safety carefully from the stage of shopping.

- Shop for groceries at reliable distributors with clean stores where the products are well organized.

- Check the shelf life, and select items with a longer life.

- Do not buy damaged or soiled cans or containers.

- Ensure that the staff at the store uses different tongs to handle different types of items.

- Do not buy items that look bad, including mouldy or discolored items.

- Buy eggs in a container. Do not buy cracked or soiled eggs.

- Do not buy foods that are supposed to be hot but are kept cold.

- Do not buy cooked food kept at a counter without covers.

- Ensure that other items are not exposed to the juices of meat or seafood.

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Written by Cho, Hye-Young