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Biological Products

(Cell therapy prodcuts) Green Cross Cell Corp.
  • Registration Date 2016-10-14
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Company Information

1. Name

Green Cross Cell Corp.

2. Website Address

3. Location

6th floor, 278, Beotkkot-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea, 08511

4. Contacts

Tel: +82-2-2101-0600

Fax: +82-2-2101-0601

5. References

Pharmaceutical Product Information

1. Brand Name


2. Active Ingredient

Autologous activated T-cell

3. Indication

Liver cancer(hepatocellular carcinoma)

4. Information

Immuncell-LC only uses immune cells of individual patients and can enhance patients' quality of life with virtually no pain or side effects.

Received approval for the hepatocellular carcinoma immunotherapy ‘Immuncell-LC’ from MFDS in 2007. Completed phase Ⅲ clinical trials for hepatocellular carcinoma and glioblastoma in korea.

Adjuvant Immunotherapy With Autologous Cytokine-Induced

Killer Cells for Hepatocellular Carcinoma(Gastroenterology, 2015)

Phase III randomized trial of autologous cytokine-induced killer cell immunotherapy for newly diagnosed glioblastoma in korea(Oncotarget, 2016)

Phase II clinical trial of ex vivo‑expanded cytokine‑induced killer cells therapy in advanced pancreatic cancer(Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy, 2014)

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