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Minnesota lawmakers are touting a bill that would help making eating out healthier for kids.

The Healthy Kids' Meals Bill was announced Tuesday afternoon at the Minnesota State Capitol by Sen. Karla Bigham and Rep. Jeff Brand.

The bill would change beverages on kids menus making it so water and milk are the default options over sugary options like soda.

Bigham said, "What this bill will do is provide nutritious, healthy, excellent milk for children. This bill will hopefully start ensuring children have healthy habits when it comes to their decision making on nutrition."

Brand hopes the bipartisan bill brings people together when it comes to children's health.

"We want to get everybody on the same page and I think it's important when we talk about our future generation of folks we talk
about healthy options for our families," he said.

The American Heart Association is supporting the effort Vice President of Health Strategies Justin Bell says research shows more than 80-percent of the top 200 restaurant chains have sugary drinks on their kids' menus.

He said, "The heart association is really looking at childhood obesity as a driving factor of poor health problems and poor cardiovascular health later in life and so looking at sugary beverages, particularly with kids, is a big part of our nutritional priority list."

It's also good to note the bill won't be a requirement, kids can still choose other options, and there will be no additional charges added.

The American Heart Association also says nearly two-thirds of kids living in the U.S. consume a sugary drink every day.
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