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Minister's Message

식품의약품안전처 처장 Message from SOHN, Mungi Minister
Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS).

Under our vision of "Safe Food and Drug, Healthy People, Well-being Society", we're making every effort to protect and promote the public health through thorough safety control for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, herbal medicines and medical devices that we face everyday.

The safety control of food and drug is becoming more important and the scope of the control is expanding.

As more and more people are seeking health-conscious lifestyle, promoting health with safe food and medical products becomes more crucial.

Everyone at the MFDS is fully committed to safeguarding people's health and safety like his own family's and building a safer and more reliable food and drug use environment.

I hope you get useful information from this website and share your thoughts with us.

I also would like to ask for your continued support and participation in the work of our Ministry.

Thank you.